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Machine Learning Practitioner and Lang Tech Enthusiasist

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Hey there!, I am Sean from India, a lifelong learner. Currently I am pursuing MSc in Software Systems at PSG College Of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. I love NLP, Deep Learning and Software Development in general and open to learning new things📖❤ and getting the work done!. Previously I have interned at NVIDIA Bangalore where I worked on Building GPT style models for low resource langauges using Megatron-LM. I also interned at Insight SFI Center for Data Analytics, National University of Ireland, Galway where I worked on using Adapters for Offensive Language Identification, MultiModal Meme Detection and Finegrained Classification. In coming days, I am more interested to work on these areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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Machine Learning


Natural Language Processing

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Masters in Software Systems(5 years Integrated)

PSG College of Arts and Science

2018 - 2023



Nov 2021 - April 2022

  • Proposed Adapter based efficient Transformers for Offensive Language Detection for low resource and codemixed languages.
  • Developed a Multimodal misogyny meme identification system using late fusion with CLIP and transformer model
  • Volunteering a shared task on ”Emotional Recognition in Tamil” for the DravidianLangTech workshop at ACL2022
  • Applied Research Intern - Low Resource NLP

    NVIDIA - Bangalore

    Dec 2021 - March 2022

  • Created Monolingual corpora for four under resourced languages of about 25 GB each from existing open source corpora
  • Developed 345 Million parameter GPT 2 models for four low resource languages using Megatron-LM and analyzed their perfomance in downstream tasks with Multilingual model
  • Software Engineering Intern(AI/ML Team)

    Impiger Tech

    May 2021 - Nov 2021

  • Primarily worked on Invoice extraction system, learned about common OCR tools such as tesseract, Camelot, and ocrmypdf
  • Researched existing techniques on invoice automation and employed an object detection-based approach which is both efficient and involves less cost in annotation(other methods require commercial OCR tools as annotation). Learned and employed the YOLO v5 state-of-the-art model in this process.
  • Analyzed transformer-based models for handwritten text extraction
  • Created rule-based methods for signature and seal detection
  • Implemented state-of-the-art pretrained models as activities in ImpigerRPA framework, learned on productionizing ML models as web services via Flask.
  • Formulated an approach for volunteer and senior citizen matching using NLP techniques
  • Data Science Intern

    Avishkar Tech Solutions

    September 2020 - December 2020

  • Worked on various stages of Data Science from Web Scraping, Data Collection, Data Wrangling to Machine Learning Production
  • Developed projects on NLP, Computer Vision and Interpretability in Machine Learning, Learned new frameworks and best practices in Machine Learning.
  • Worked on a remote team and helped out junior team members as mentor.
  • Virtual Data Science Intern Experience


    August 2020 - October 2020

  • Worked on drawing unique insights from the customers data of ANZ
  • Implemented a predictive analytics system on a regression project to predict the salaries of customers.
  • Improved the RMSE metric by reducing the score from 1.5 to 0.5 contributing to more than 50% impact
  • Personal Projects


    Hindi Image Captioning system

    Project Link

  • Novel Hindi Image Captioning system made completely with Transformers
  • Employed VIT for encoder and GPT2 for decoder
  • Cab Fare prediction system

    Project Link

  • Prediction of cab fare prices using LightGBM
  • Deployed on AWS EC2, used DVC2 for Data Version control
  • Signature Verification System with Siamese Networks

    Project Link

  • Offline Signature verification system for independent writers using Siamese Networks on ICDAR 11 Dataset to classify Signatures as genuine and forgery
  • Implemented the paper "SigNet: Convolutional Siamese Network for Writer Independent Offline Signature Verification".
  • Publications


    Offensive Language Detection in Tamil YouTube comments by Adapters and Cross-domain Knowledge Transfer

    Computer Speech and Language Journal, Elsiever(Impact Factor: 1.899)

    Transformers at SemEval-2022 Task 5: A Feature Extraction based Approach for Misogynous Meme Detection

    Semeval@ NAACL,Seattle, Washington,2022

    Findings of the Shared Task on Emotion Analysis in Tamil

    DravidianLangTech Workshop at ACL 2022

    DE-ABUSE@TamilNLP-ACL 2022: Transliteration as Data Augmentation for Abuse Detection in Tamil

    DravidianLangTech Workshop at ACL 2022

    TamilEmo: Finegrained Emotion Detection Dataset for Tamil


    Arxiv 2022

    Hypers at ComMA@ICON: Modelling Aggressiveness, Gender Bias and Communal Bias Identification


    ComMA@ICON 2021, Silchar, India

    Pretrained Transformers for Offensive Language Identification in Tanglish


    DravidianCodemix@FIRE 2021, Virtual Event




  • Computer Speech and Language Journal, Elsiever
  • SemEval@NAACL2022
  • DravidianLangTech@ACL 2022
  • Student Coordinator

  • FacePrep, SixPhrase, Placement Cell, PSG College of Arts and Science
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